NOTD: Zoya Rica

Hi everyone!

The first moment I laid my eyes on this beauty, I knew I had to at least try it out. And so I did..  My sister got this in a swap and I got the chance to try it out too!

I used two thicker coats, and the application was flawless. Sadly it's not super opaque so you have to use thicker coats or just more of them (3 thin).

That's why it took a looooong time to dry - and I managed to bump my nails several times. Bleh :(. The drying time is a bit of a down side, since I was expecting it to be dry in no time!

And because the polish is so beautiful I couldn't decide which picture to chose....  That's why here's a bunch of them =D! 

Zoya Rica

Isn't she a beauty?



  1. Jaaaaa ful je lepa <3 Škoda, ker se dolgo suši, ampak meni se vse Zoye..

  2. omg... i'm in love... še dobro da moram šparat zdej in ti mi pokažeš to... :(

  3. it looks quite similar to deborah pret a porter love at first sight :)

  4. Lunca: Ja, ampak meni se Charla sploh ni dolgo susila. Tale je pa kar visek tega.. :(

    Sanja: Maaaa saj bo <3!

    Alice: Nope, it's actually completely different. This is an peach shade with lots of warm golden shimmer in it. Completely different than the Deborah one, but still beautiful.


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