NOTD: Style me Love (Nails In Style TE) and the tiniest haul

Hi everyone,

It's been a while since I bought anything. I actually don't need any new cosmetics, but I wanted a waterproof mascara. I need something to stay put on while I cry, sweat and so on. I wanted the mascara to be super cheap, since I'm planning on using it for the summer only and not even daily. 

And since I was there I checked for the Ballerina backstage TE and found the full collection + the Nails is Style TE!

I grabbed the beloved Grand Plie in Black, since I was eyeing it for a while now. I also tested the blusher (they had testers!!) which sucks - really it leaves a silky feeling behind just like silicone based primers, but almost no color. 

Then I checked the Nails in Style TE and realized they don't have anything special. Just this foil finish nail polish looked interesting enough, and I do remember that foil finish polishes dry quite quickly so with me it went! :D

Oh and I found my waterproof mascara. It was dirt cheap - YES! and hopefully it will work for me. I don't have anything else from S-he except for their nail polishes. So lets hope it does work well. Which means - expect a review!

I really don't like the square package of the mascara. D: 

I applied two coats, no top coat. It was easy to apply, but got thicker while I did so. 

The color is also quite hard to capture on camera. It's a warm purple and not cold toned. Perfect for summer nights <3!

Do you wear waterproof mascaras? Do you like anything from the new Essence Trend Editions?
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