Review: Manly 80 Color Double Stack Palette

Hi lovelies,

I got this palette in the beginning of May from KKCenterHK and since then I've been testing it out. I must say that I really like the way it's packaged (double stack) but sadly the positive side ends here.

It contains 80 eye shadows that vary from matte to shimmer. Most of them are matte.

I was hoping for them to be super pigmented, but they are not. I am really disappointed by their quality. On the fingers (as a swatch) they look nice, but when applied on the skin they just... disappear. Well, kind of. I tried using different primers and only  with Fyrinnae Pixi Epoxy they showed up nicely. 

I am used to cheap crap eyeshadows, but these are like the worst of them all. I wanted to love them and that's what took me so long. But honestly.. the suck.

But let me tell you why. 
I was expecting the shimmer eye shadows to be more pigmented than the matte (as they usually are), but here it's the opposite. Matte eyeshadows are more pigmented.

And they (all of them) and very hard to blend., or even pack on more color. They just become muddy.

I tried doing a MU using 3 color, yellow, light blue and dark green. And what came out? One big green blob.

I tried using two orange shadows and a yellow one to create another look (it's neon orange), but nothing. Hardly shows on the camera. 

And as last, I did a night makeup (at the start of the month) and well I had to use some UDPP to add the brown color, because it just wouldn't blend (like 2 colors nicely blended together, noo... it would become 1 color. All the shame thing, ew).

So I'm not impressed. 

The lasting time depends on the primer you're using.

+ There are 80 colors (some are matte and others are shimmer)
+ The packaging is pretty
+ Travel-friendly package

- For the quality, you get it's way too expensive
- Can't blend them together (it becomes muddy in one swipe)
- Aren't really opaque
- You can't pack color for more opacity

Price 1/5 ☆ ($22)
Rating: 1/5  

I don't like it. I wouldn't buy it if I had the chance. I wanted to like it, I really did but it didn't work for me. And compared to the CS88 palette, the CS palette is way better. This palette may work for someone who's just starting or someone who doesn't like their eyeshadows pigmented. 

This product was sent to me by the company itself or its PR. For more information please do read my Disclosure Policy.
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