Review: Eyeko Make Out Blush

Hi dolls,

I got this blush with my last Eyeko order. And now it's time for me to tell my thoughts about it. ^^

NEW! Baked pressed powders highly pigmented with finely milled pearlescent shimmer for a long-lasting flush of colour.  Each double-sided compact features duo colour blush on one side and mirror and mini-blush brush on the other, perfect for touch ups on the go.

Make Out Blush
Make your cheeks pop with 3D pink colour loaded with pearl to give a 2 in 1 colour and highlight effect.

Eyeko says:  “A little goes a long way!  Build up colour to suit your skin tone and for best application use a fan brush.  Eyeko Cheeky Colour Duo Blush Compacts perk up every complexion for a lit-from-within healthy glow!”

The blush package has a compartment under the blush which contains a brush. The brush is utter rubbish. 

Mine was losing hair all over the place and well it's scratchy! It would be much better if there was just the mirror and the packaging would be thinner. 

But lets move to the bright side, shall we? 


As you can see it's super pigmented! You have to be extra careful when applying it on the cheeks. The first time I looked like a clown (I usually apply way too much blush on my cheeks, but this was too much even for myself!). 

I finally understood why they recommend to use a fan brush to apply it.

On my cheeks (It's quite hard to capture)

It does look nice and natural. I was also testing for how long it lasts before vanishing into nothing. And well..  I can say it lasts on my combination skin for 10 hours. After those I forgot to check :P.

So wohoo for that! Usually blush (any brand) lasts on my skin for 6 hours maximum. I'm super happy that I found this one. Tho it's a bit pricey (7€). But I'd love to try the My Coral Crush blush, I think it would be perfect for summer.

+ Long lasting on my skin (10h+)
+ Very pigmented
+ Cute packaging design
+ I love the way it looks on my skin tone

- Pricey 
- The brush you get is utter crap

Price: 3/5  (7€/$10)
Rating: 4/5 

I really like it!
 I'm a blush phase and I don't leave my home without some on my cheeks. That's because I'm super pale and I resemble a walking dead person if I go around without any. I really want to try the coral version and then that's it. They are a bit pricey for my taste, but you get quite a lot (especially because they are super pigmented). When I first tried them I thought it was an eyeshadow. Gorgeous texture. I usually apply it with the Sigma Large Powder - F30 brush, because it picks just a tiny amount of product. My verdict? Must have!

*This product was purchased by myself. My opinion is always honest.
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