TV Series - How I met your mother 2005-2011

Hi dears,

As I wait for my parcels to arrive (hopefully they will be in this week!) I watch the so addictive series How I met your mother.

I started with season 6 (last one), but then my brother got me the whole thing (all seasons) and the journey began.

I got hooked and now the most repulsing character is my favorite. Of course I'm talking about Barney (He's the guy in the bathtub)!

I started watching it a week + ago, but I'm already on season 5! It seems I have no life o.O.
And every time I watch it I feel more and more stupid, lol. But the truth is.. this series is a great one to watch while you have lunch, dinner, a snack..  Everything is so light and happy (except some parts which are kind of heart breaking).

I can't wait to watch the whole thing to the end, so I can finally forget about it. ^^ 
It was the same with True Blood, but that thing is full of blood, sex and so on..   while How I meet your mother is FUN and nice.
And Barney really does remind me of  Neil Strauss in one of his first books (I'm talking about THE GAME here). 
And damn, Robin is smoking HOT (that's the gorgeous girl with a martini in her hand)! :D
Plus Lily has the most awesome wardrobe EVER. Designer clothes, high heels ...  *_*

So.. does anyone else watch it?  

Even if not.. tomorrow I'll go back to blog about beauty related stuff. Maybe I should try to recreate some of the make up from the cast? 

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