Nerd Glasses

Hello lovelies!

Today I got in my mail some lovely (and funny at the same time) nerd glasses. I had to try them right away! I wasn't wearing make up at that time and when I saw myself in the mirror I laughed so hard. 

Then I wanted to see if they could look good when I have make up on. And you know what? They do. In a weird way.

The glasses. They are BIG :D And plastic.

Aaaand.. lets move to the cam whoring!

And my weird smile. I swear it was a phonetic attempt at smiling. That's not my full smile :P It's a crooked one! 

Plus I got some flowers yesterday.. (and today!!). For Women's day! <3

The make up I was wearing;
* MAC pigment in Bronze Pink
* UD Naked - Hustle
* Revlon waterproof mascara (can't remember the name)
* Bourjois 1001 lashes mascara
* Essence long lasting eye pencil in Brown

Have a wonderful day,


  1. OMG! They do look cute! The nerdiness emphasizes the beauty of your face.

    Your makeup looks fabulous, btw.

  2. Uf, men pa očala niso. Prevelika so. Tudi za ''nerdy'' look. Make up mi je pa všeč. =)

  3. ohh pretty!
    i love how your makeup compliment ur skin!!
    how have u been?:)

  4. Helena: Je tko? :)) Ampak grozna obenem, haha!

    Shybiker: Thank you, you are always so kind <3.

    Nihrida: Don't worry, dobim v kratkem se trojna manjsa.. :))). V vec barvah ofc.

    Vanilla: Thank you! I've been fine, thank you <3!

  5. Hahahaha... LOL.. A si pol tako kot jaz ''I'll take them in every color'' XD

  6. I gave you an award on my blog, have a good day.

  7. Hahaha v bistvu so za ta čas idealne :)

  8. LOL! You are cracking me up with the glasses. They look cute on you. Love the eye makeup :)

  9. Nihrida: Exactly! :D

    Sanja: So, ne? Totalno pustne :D

    rmcandlelight: Aahaha,thank you! <3 I honestly couldn't stop laughing when I was wearing them xD.

  10. OMg, ocala so mi pa cist huda :)))) Oblika in velikost :) make-up je pa tud precudovit :) Pohvlano :)

  11. Haha..omg the same name. :)
    But that's okai, cause I was thinking about changing my blog name soo...but girl, u are amazing :) gorgeous. *.*

  12. oooCerryBlossom: Hvala! Imam se trojna manjsa ^^. Morem se poslikat, hihi.

    Cherry Bloom: Yes haha, the same name :)). Ohhh you'll change it? Ohh to what? :D
    And thank you, but it's really just lots of photoshop and good light. <.< <3

  13. I don't know..I have to think about something creative. :D's not just a ps, it's talent..U just know how to do it and that's it. It's very beautiful <3


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