EOTD: Red eye

Hi dears,

Today I wanted to post about my mail (new brushes!) but I was too lazy and didn't feel like setting up the light tent thing. So instead I made this make up. Yes, I'd rather do my MU than do anything else, lol.

And I know the title is just horrible. It reminds me of some eye infection or something?!

I used:
Sleek MakeUp Good Girl (can't remember the names but it was only the 2nd row),
Urban Decay Naked Palette (Hustle),
Essence Long Lasting eye pencil in Brown,
Fyrianne in Okapi (as the eyeliner).

One picture is REALLY bad, but for some odd reason I couldn't take a decent picture! And my eyes are watering really hard the whole damn day! :( I have absolutely NO idea why!

I like the make up, but I wouldn't wear it on a daily basis. Alright for shopping and such stuff - sure, maybe even for a day at work (not sure tho) but that's pretty much it. It scares me a bit :P.


  1. V bistvu izgleda spooky zanimivo. Hm. hm.

  2. Thank you for your comment<3Oh he is happy about your comment if I tell him^^your eyecolor is the same as mine I think:o and your make is very cool...I like all these pictures^^hmm,maybe you have an infection in your eye?:s

  3. ジュリエット : Hopefully I don't! D: I think it's time for me to throw away my mascara, since they started to water when I put it on.. :o

    Helena: Ja, ena je rekla da bo naredila MU trupla in da rabi rdeco sencko. :D Mogoce bi to bilo primerno? :D


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