Review: 2mm Rhinestones

Hi, everyone!

This is my last item from the Born Pretty Store. It's supposed to be a nail art item, but I used it also for makeup.

They come in a wheel, so it's really easy to take them out. The package is also very travel-friendly.

These rhinestones are a bit bigger than your regular nail art stones, but some variety is always good. They would look fantastic on those 3D nail art, on regular nail art they may look a bit too chunky.

They stick well and are also very easy to remove. I actually lost one the first day :o! That's probably because of the size. 

I mostly use them for face make up, for creative looks because.. well for those they are fantastic!

+ They come in many different colors (12)
+ They are bigger than your regular nail art rhinestones (2mm)
+ They hold on well (nails, skin)
+ They are very easy to remove (with a nail polish remover and some gentle rubbing)
+ Cheap 
+ Travel-friendly case

- The size isn't suitable for feminine/gentle nail art

Price: 4/5  ($3.88 in  BornPrettyStore) 
Rating: 4/5 

Overall: Well I do like them, but I think they will be mostly used for makeup looks than nail art. I prefer smaller gems, because with smaller ones I can pack on them. If you want to try bigger gems, these are for you! Plus the price is quite decent. If you are bored of your regular small rhinestones and want to try bigger ones and in different colors. Then these are great for you :)!

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