Snow Dog! (pictures heavy)

Hi lovelies,

Today I have a couple of pictures of Pablo to share with you all. These were taken in October when we went to Pohorje. 
Let me tell you... this funny little guy LOVES snow! 

He was jumping around, eating the snow, digging in it, playing wit it...  xD

He's nuts <3!! I was thinking of getting him a dog coat or something for the snow..  I mean if he runs and all that stuff, he's fine. Otherwise he's freezing!

What do you think?

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  1. kaj ti nije zima sam u toj majici :D
    ja sam prekjucer setala i smrzla se u jakni.
    pablo je presladak :)

  2. Blanka: Neee, ni me zeblo. Je bilo se oktobra to slikano.. Ko sem se premikala me je kakrsenkoli mraz minil...

  3. Your dog is so cute! We live in California but travel home to Oklahoma during the winter and my dog loves to play in the snow. They're like little kids or something.

  4. What fun photos! And your dog is adorable.

  5. amazing pics! :) you look you have fun :) I like it!

  6. Super slike, super pes :) to sem povedala že Heleni na njenem blogu, ko je objavila slike Pabla...sedaj pa sem našla še tvoj blog in tudi tvojemu zvesto sledim :D le tako naprej...pozdravček!
    Urška ;)


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