Piercings haul + Storage

Hi dolls,
I know it's the last day of the year and that I should probably take a break from blogging at least today. BUT, I wanted to share the parcel that I got.
I was waiting for it for a while now (then considering it's December it was quick!). I ordered a couple of piercings jewelery from Crazy Factory because I wanted to see if they are any good.

Well they are. Super cheap and lovely looking. 
I know they are not exactly Wildcat, but the stuff I ordered isn't really intended for fresh piercings anyway ;).

Anyway here it is (missing 1 steel navel retainer):

I got myself a tool box to keep my piercings in and I just used a stickied I got with my order to make it at least decent looking. 
First I was keeping them in those baggies you get with each order and all together in a jewellery box. But it was way too quickly too small :(!

1st compartment: Random stuff, currently there are two BCRs in it that I have no idea what to do with.
2nd compartment: Navel bananabars
3rd compartment: Other bananbars
4th compartment: Balls, different styles :)!
5th compartment: 2 earrings in a box
6th compartment: Faux jewelery (3 plugs like and 3 nose/helix)
7th compartment: Steams (3 titanium, 1 steel)

Fake plug (1,2mm that looks like 6mm). It's very shiny and pretty ^^.

In the ears:

And no that's not dirt in my ear. It's a beauty mark that doesn't want to go away. 
I think it looks super pretty with my tragus ball ^^.

Regular earrings (1mm), which are also very pretty:

Now the navel stuff;

Dolphin on a ball; the dolphin moves. It's not very pretty but then I didn't really like it when I ordered it anyway. It's hard to find piercings in my size (6mm), because my navel is pretty shallow.

Rainbow piercing with the glitter top ball (I ordered two of these balls):

Rainbow piercing as it came originally (ordered from Wildcat), it's actually an annoying piercing. In the shadow it looks like that but on sun/inside light it's dull and almost black:

1st retainer (it's pretty in real life, bad picture!):

2nd retainer is quite ugly:

Scorpio ball :D! The Scorpio is multi colored, very pretty:

Different angle:

And that's it for this year ^^.
Happy New Year people. 


  1. I love the scorpio one. Did it hurt to get your belly button pireced?

    I know I would do alot for beauty but my friends said theirs hurt alot!!

    Also can I just say a great earing organizer is one from ebay, it looks like a bird cage and has holes all around the levels. Make scene probley not :(?

    Anyway, I shall go follow you now, to see more cool earings.

  2. G A B Y: Thank you! I just realized I love girly piercings.. xD The scorpio is kind of hardcore for me :P.

    Aryn: Hmm.. my navel was pierced 6 years ago. I remember it stung for a second but it didn't hurt. Navel piercings aren't supposed to hurt when being pierced.. o.O I actually never heard anyone that said it hurt.. Except for the inverse navel. But don't worry about the pain, it's gone in less than a second ;)!
    Could you be so kind and link me to the bird cage organizer? It sounds like it's really pretty. I want xD!

  3. Ahh ok, well for some reason then they are trying to scare me from getting mine done xD

    Maybe in the future I will get it, I have so many others I still wish to get in the mean time.

    The links to the earing holders:


    (not my fave)

    Then theres the bird cage one, which for some reason there is none on ebay at this time. But this site has one liek mine (mine only has 4 tiers though :()


  4. hey hun happy new year!!! wow your body jewelry look really nice! I wish i was skinny enough to have my belly pierced. hehe I agree with the the 2nd retainer is kind of ugly >_< when I first looked they looked like pimples. but the rest is beautiful!! have a great day tamara!


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