Favorite Drinks!

Today I decided to put a list together, of the drinks I love the most. 

1. Water


I drink plain water all the time. It's the drink that refreshes me when I'm thirsty. 

2. Orange Juice (freshly squeezed)

 Orange Juice

When I'm super thirsty/ dehydrated I only want to drink orange juice. It's a weird thing, but that's how I am.
It's also pretty healthy ^^.

3. Pina Colada

Pina Colada

What to say..  I prefer such cocktails that don't taste like alcohol at all xD. Which is not always a good thing :P.
I seldom drink alcohol.

4. Strawberry Frozen Daiquiri

Strawberry Frozen Daiquiri

This thing is awesome. It's cold as hell (frozen, yah) tastes a bit rum-like (the not so sweet version) and strawberries. I love it, but sadly it's very strong. 

5. Mojito and Strawberry Mojito


The legendary fresh drink for summer parties! It's sour and cold, perfect for chilling out xD.

Strawberry Mojito

 And a sweeter version of the original formula. I think this one is more 'girly'. :)

6. Peach Juice + Whipped Cream

Peach Juice + Whipped Cream

I'm not sure how this drink is called, but I love it when I want to drink something different than the usual plain water or orange juice. It's very sweet and caloric.

Now don't think I'm a drunk or something, I seldom drink alcohol. ^^ But when I do, I prefer the drinks to be somehow creative. The Oxo found here looks pretty good for the purpose

What are your favorite drinks?
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