Review: Essential Care Rose Moisturizer

I've been using this moisturizer for about 6 months. I used it during spring/ start of summer and now again. I had a pause from it somewhere at the end of summer. 

My story begins when I ordered three testers of it from a Slovene site. I got them in no time and then I happily started using it. The cream in the testers was thinner, oilier. The scent was the same and the effect too!

What it says:
Treat your skin to the best that nature can offer. A luxurious, antioxidant light-textured day cream which is fully absorbed leaving the skin soft and velvety smooth. Deeply moisturizing with shea butter, jojoba oil, coconut oil, aloe leaf, and the essential oil and hydrolat of damask roses. The cold-pressed plant oils, naturally high in antioxidants of vitamins A & E, and sea buckthorn help counteract the aging and collagen-destroying effects of 'free radicals' and sunlight. Please note that this moisturizer is also suitable as an eye cream.

aloe vera juice*, filtered water, rose flower water*, jojoba oil*, coconut oil*, shea butter*, rose extract*, Cetearyl alcohol (plant origin), cetearyl glucoside (plant origin), rosemary extract*, levulinic acid (plant origin), sea buckthorn*, lichen extract, xanthan gum (plant origin), rose essential oil*, eugenol* (in the rose oil). 

*Organically grown/produced (min. 95% of product)

It comes in a classic white package, with a pump disposer. The product gets out evenly, so there's none gone to waste. I especially like the fact that you can always say how much product you have left by the weight of it. 

The container

The Scent:
The scent is similar to most organic creams, which is a natural not so pleasant scent. Well at least for me. It doesn't make me sick, but it is not artificially perfumed. Which is a plus, of course? I got used to it, after a couple of uses. It also vanishes when applied.

It's a creamy white cream. Very lightweight. Not oily.

1 pump


At first, I was using 2-3 pumps of product 2x per day, which is way too much. That way I used up my bottle in less than 2 months. Now I'm using 1 pump of product 2x per day, and after two months I still have more than 1/2 left. 

I have combination skin, so this product is perfect for me during spring/autumn/summer. But during winter I need something heavier for my cheeks and forehead, because my skin feels quite dry there, even after the apply of the cream. 

I really like that the cream is lightweight, so it dries in a matter of seconds and leaves no residue behind. It also moisturizes my skin nicely. It works great with oils too! I used it with Jojoba oil (under it, or sometimes over it on dry spots) and Watermelon Seeds oil. The cream makes a perfect base for under your foundation. It leaves your skin smooth after the apply.

The Rose Moisturiser is made with:
  • organic shea butter (protecting and moisturizing)
  • organic sea buckthorn (a rich plant source of a natural component of our skin, an Omega 7 fatty acid, the production of which declines with age)
  • organic coconut oil (moisturizing, conditioning)
  • organic aloe vera (nourishing, repairing)
  • organic rose water
  • organic rose (gentle, calming and restorative)

+ Moisturizes very well.
+ Is lightweight.
+ Works well under/over oils.
+ It's organic.
+A little bit goes a very long way (1 pump, is enough for your entire face).
+ Contains lots of great ingredients.

- The price (quite pricey).
- Not available everywhere (here it's sold in Sanolabor stores).
- I need something to combine it with during winters (I have combination skin).
- You have to use it up in 3 months (or keep it in the fridge after that period of time)

Price: 3/5  
29€ (Sanolabor), 23€+ shop (official distributor in SLO), 19
£ (official UK site)
Sometimes I can't afford it (since it's not cheap, because if I want it ASAP, I'd have to pay almost 30€ for it. But I realized that it really works for my skin, and for now, I haven't found any other face moisturizers that would suit my skin as this one does.

Rating: 5/5 

I love it. I truly do. It's THE face cream for me. I have tried lots of them, but I keep coming back to this one. And there's one good reason for it. Organic, lightweight, doesn't break me out, works with oils (I use them quite a lot), makes my skin look healthy! I will repurchase. 

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