NOTD: French Bitch


I usually don't wear french manicures. And there's one reason why... alright 2. First they are kind of boring (but sometimes boring is good) and second there are too many bitches walking around in them. And most of them are fake. Fake nails, fake smiles, fake.. boobs? xD  - I watched Jersilicious about frenchies. BLEH!
I like weird french manicures (like red, black, blue, whatever it's not white)

Anyway, my boyfriend likes them so I decided to do a french manicure. With a slight twist. 

They actually take very little time. Mine looks kind of shitty, but that's the way it is.. :P 

Dears when do you wear french manicures?


  1. Lepo ti je uspela!

    Sama sem se je naveličala, saj sem jo imela vsak dan par let zapored. To je bilo pred obsesijo z raznimi laki. Takrat sem imela le 3. :D Mogoče se je kdaj spet lotim! :P

  2. Sploh ni slaba tale tvoja frenchika. Kdaj jo jaz nosim? Praktično nikoli. LOL Morda, ko jo delam za blog ipd. Sicer pa ... na nikolivo nedeljo. :D Morda me pa kdaj prime ... kaj pa vem...

  3. I agree with you.. I don't wear white french... I prefer colorful ones, such as purple or blue... :)


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