EOTD/FOTD: Early morning shopping.


So this is the day 2. from 3 days I was in MB. It was lovely! And the 2nd day I went shopping with Kiara, from another forum. She is SO nice! 
We walked around the whole Maribor and checked every drugstore we could. LOL.

Anyway, back to my make up..

For my eyes I used: CS 88 Matt palette,Bourjois Glamour mascara,Essence Brown long lasting eye pencil

For my lips I used:
*Essence XXXL Nudes -Pure Beauty toned down with lip balm

For my face I used: Bourjois Bio Detox, Watsons collagen bb cream

Fotd :)
Yes I wore glasses, for me it was just way too early to put in contact lenses.


  1. This look is simple. I like it :) Love your lashes!

  2. Sara.H: Thank you! It was pretty simple.. I was too tired to do some experimenting.


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