EOTD: Boring brown

Hello lovelies!

I have another make up for you. This time boooooriiing and brown. I know that brown is subtle and very natural but... booooriiing! 
Tho it went well with my booring outfit xD

So a boring make up for you all!

  • CS 88 Matte palette
  • UDPP
  • Mascara

Both eyes (you see, my eyes are defective :S)

I think this make up is great for environments that don't support much make up and are conservative. Or for maybe natural days..  Idk.


  1. Lep MU! Meni so ful všeč taki naravni! Pa ti maš res krasne trepalnice! <3

  2. Ivana: Hvalaaa!! Ja trepalnice so res super, drugo je bolj tako xD


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