Haul: Less than 15€!


Yesterday I went shopping with my sister and there were still SALES going on! Wohoo and what's better than sales?!

I got a couple of things, mostly clothes for little money.

Shirt, Ann Christine, 1€

Dress, Ann Christine, 3€

Pink skinny jeans, New Yorker, 5€

 Pink flats, New Yorker, 3€

2 deodorants, (0,95€ and 1,25€) DM

Do you buy cheap things, or you prefer buying less but more expensive?


  1. Lep nakup! Kje pa se dobi Ann Christin znamka??

  2. KONADomania: Hvala! Ann Christine je v Celju ter v Kopru v Planetu Tus. Drugje pa je zal ni:/

  3. I love sales too and those pink ballet flats and jeans are suuuuuper cute!

  4. Oh hlače pa balerinke! Pa še pink! Dobr nakup!


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