Cosmetic Haul


I've been shopping online lately... :)
I ordered some stuff from CoastalScents and LookFantastic.
The Lookfantastic stuff took 1 week to get to me (BLEH!, because they are from UK), and CS took 1 week also (WOHOOW, from the USA!).

First the Lookfantastic order.. :)
It's the Joico K-pak set.. It includes the K-pak reconstruct Shampoo & Balsam, and the Joico K-Pak Color serum. I must say that I have no idea what's in this shampoo and balsam but I love it..  The scent is so-so, but it makes my hair SO soft!

CS order
The color corrector set. This is a nice deal, for all of them less than 17$. I also tried them and they work great with foundations (because they are made for it lol).

Ez Prez and a 12 palette. They look so dirty, because well.. they are. I was pressing some mineral pigments today..  It was messy!

The result (most of them were samples, so yah..)

I also went to Müller because I remembered this little action.. A mascara, lip gloss, lip pencil, small mascara and foundation sample for less than 10€ (the mascara costs 14€ alone, gloss 10€ etc).
I didn't take picture of the sample and the lip pencil. Of the sample because I used it.. :P

And last .. a gift from my dear :D
 Small set of drawing paints.. for clothes, if I'm not mistaken. Pretty! 

Well this is it for today, I'm drop dead tired..  
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