Tutorial: Green night out

Today I'll show you a look I did yesterday. Excuse the crappy pictures, but the light condition wasn't the best. It was raining and there was no sun. I also forgot to take some pictures.. but hopefully you will understand the process :)!

I used: 
Urban Decay Primer Potion,
Shimmering Eye&Lip crayon,
Barry M Lime for the inner corners of the eyes,
Barry M Mint Green for the whole lid,
Barry M Midnight for the crease,
Essence Black Mania mascara,
Essence liquid eyeliner,
Essence long lasting eye pencil.

First I prepared my eyes...
I applied UDPP all over my lid  and blended it with my fingers, and then I applied the Barry M Shimmering crayon and blended it with my fingers again.

Then I took a regular eye brush and applied the Lime green on my inner corners of the eyes.

Then, with the same brush I applied the Mint Green all over my lid (2/3 of it).

Then I took a smaller brush and applied the Midnight eyeshadow in my crease and in a V line on my upper lash line. Don't worry if you application is sloppy.

Then take your blending brush.

And blend it all in.

Now using liquid eyeliner, draw a thick line on the upper lash line. Then using a black eye pencil do draw a line on the lower lash line. And finish it all off with a mascara!

I used Essence liquid eyeliner.
It has a lovely thin tip, which is really easy to manage.

The eye pencil was from Essence too!

And of course, the mascara too!

Now you're done! 

Flash light

Enjoy your green make up =).
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