NOTD: Bichun nail polish No.697

This is a nail polish from my sister (from her latest haul) and it looks divine in real life!

It's a deep plum color that has a light frost finish, but it goes from light purple to deep plum, and I'm in love with it! 
The apply wasn't problematic at all, the brush is wide so it's hard to do the perfect line next to the cuticles...
The drying time is average, so I used Essie G2G over it. 
The smell was disgusting, so I suppose it's not without the BIG 3 (Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde and Toluene)

And the name... that's such a sad sad thing. I mean, such a wonderful color with just a number?! BLEH! 

Here it is (I like this kind of preview).

On the nails (natural light).

Close up.

Sadly the edges lifted a bit after the apply (tho not on all nails), probably because I put it right over my previous nail polish (because I HAD to try it!). 
But I know that now I want such a nail polish for myself!

How do you like this color?
I think it fits perfectly this sad weather because it makes it more bearable!
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