NOTD: Deborah Sense TECH 100% MAT 04

Today I got this interesting nail polish, that is supposed to be a mint color, but it's kind of a dirty mint color. I didn't exactly believe it when I saw it in the bottle, but on the nails.. Yes it's dirty.

I don't own any other mint colors, but since this was the IT color not so long ago, I decided I need it! 
The price was about 6,19€ in Müller which is not the cheapest but I guess it's OK.

It dries into a satin finish, but I really didn't like it matte on my nails. It reminded me of a dead body. I'm not sure if it's because I'm watching Vampire Diaries or what.

I love the bottle
And the top is very smart 
(reminds me of ManGlaze, because it has a sticker too).

But the instructions are a bit odd...  I mean I do understand that matte nail polishes aren't the most long lasting, but no hand lotions?!

Honestly, I didn't care. I layered it over my Essence In the Jungle (excuse the dark edges) and it was fine. One coat was enough.

So here it is! 

It has a nice finish. It looks dirtier in room light. Makes my hands look unhealthy.

With a top coat

I like it better with a top coat, but I'm still hoping it would grow on me. I'll try to make it look fancier later.

Enjoy your day.

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