Review: Noble Sensation Lavender Purifying Cool Mask

Some time ago I tried this mask because I was super excited at the idea that you have to mix two parts of the mask together to obtain a full mask....

The package of the mask

Lavender Purifying Cooling Soft Mask, formulated with multi natural aromatic botanic essence, collagen, elastin, fibrin etc kind of essence. It penetrates deeply into the skin and provides it with the necessary moisture and nutrient. The skin is sterilized and nourished with less visible wrinkles, and a whiter healthy look. The extract will restore natural moisturizer and elasticity of the skin.
Lavender: Can calm strained mind, relieve insomnia, make users calm to face life. Additionally, it can promote cells regeneration, balance sebum secretion, shrink pores, regularize oily skin, prevent acne, relieve acne and sunburn, and it is applicable to any skin, particularly acne and dry skin.

how to use it

Use the appropriate amount of essence and mix it is sticky, apply on the face evenly with the right amount. Leave the mask for 15 – 20 minutes and strip the mask from the face.

Lotion extract, Mini extract, Sodium Alginate, Cornstarch

suitable for

Oily and acne skin.

Alright, be prepared to see some scary pictures,...  

Inside the package, you get two smaller bags, and each of them has 25g/ml of stuff inside. One part is liquid and the other part is powder.

I really liked the idea, as I said before. But the practical thing... well there is no practical part in this mask...
I took a bowl and put the powder and liquid together. I mixed it with my clean fingers since I wanted to put the mask on my face asap!

After I mixed it well (it was a mess!), I applied it to my clean face and there was still some mixture left. I took it away and put it in the fridge, hoping it will be good for the evening.

But you know what? It wasn't! It got rock hard in minutes, and it was damn hard to wash it off even with the dish washer! DAMN!

Okay now for the scary pictures part (what I don't do for my readers)... No, make up, no nothing here...

I applied the mask. 

The texture was thick, but it was easy to spread. It had a light green color, which freaked me out. It said to keep on the mask for max 15 minutes. 

The scent was VERY overpowering too! The minute I put it on my face, my eyes started to burn (and got red). My skin burned too. It has a strong minty scent. Not good for your eyes.

I have combination skin and this mask was supposed to calm you down and it is supposed to be great for dry and acne prone skin.
You know what? After 15 minutes it became as hard as a rock.

And this was supposed to be a peel off mask. Or I wouldn't put it on while having a lazy day. But since it became so hard that it didn't want to peel off, I started smiling and doing some other faces so it cracked. But that made everything worse because you see the small parts broke into smaller parts and so on. But they still stuck to my face!

Anyhow after 20 minutes of trying to take it off, my face was red and irritated and there were still pieces of the mask left on my face...  So I just washed it off. 
I hate it. Because of the takeoff process, my skin was irritated, looking bad too.

+ The price

- It's damn hard to take off!
- The scent is so overpowering that my eyes started to burn!
- Mixing it up is a mess.
- Cleaning whatever you used to mix it up takes a lot of time!
- It irritated my skin.
- It did nothing of what it promised to do.

The price: 3,20$ on Sasa (now it's on sale 1,30$)

Rating: 0/5

Overall: I hate it. I have never rated any product with a 0. But this one.. it deserves it! I have no idea why it has such good reviews on No idea! I mean, I understand that it probably worked for a lot of people. I have one left, so I will try it when I will have the guts to do so. But until then. I really really dislike it! 
I wanted to relax and have a nice ME moment, but it ruined everything.
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