NOTD: Abalico Nail Polish 19

Yesterday my nails broke (which means my ManGlaze review will have to wait - again!), because I was walking with naked nails for the last three days! 
And well they had a close meeting with a very strong and playful dog and his harness.

I put on a nail polish I've had for some time, but never used it.  
I hope I got the name right (on the bottom it says 19 and then 226D, so I think 19 is the name?).

The apply was dream like. Very easy and mostly it was a 1 coater! Later I added a nail sticker and took a photo under artificial light. 


It's a weird color. In the bottle, it looks deep red with a hint of brown and golden glitter. On the nails, it's dark red and silver glitter on it. Under artificial light, it looks a bit purple...  weird.

Artificial light

Have a lovely day!



  1. It's a lovely color! I would recommend silk wraps for patching broken nails. ;)

  2. Glidedangel: Thank you! I love it in the bottle but on the nails.. not really!

    Maestra: Si morem omislit to ja, hvalaa!

  3. Nice.. xx i just posted a notd wearing abalico polish too xx


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