I won a contest!!

I didn't tell you, but back in February there was a contest held by Dr. Dima's Cosminology cosmetics. It was Valentine themed and I entered with a picture of my Valentine Seductive eye.

And...  I WON! =D

Today the prize has arrived..

It's a make up remover, two eye shadows and an eye liner.
I can hardly believe that this stuff is so expensive ($28/eyeshadow). But I can't judge it jet, I have to try it before!

The value of this set is $106!

The colors

AstroWink & AstroHeat are both eyeshadows,
AstroSea is the eyeliner.

So the eyeliner is in a deep blue color, the AstroHeat is a warm (reddish) brown and the AstroWink is a more cold brown with golden shimmer. Which is really gentle, because in RL I could hardly see it in normal light.

The ingredients

Have a lovely evening,
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