Review: Revlon Fantasy Lenghts False Lashes

Some time ago, I received a couple of false lashes from Revlon. It was quite a while ago, and I'm sorry for the late review. 

I am really not a false lashes person, but this was an interesting experience nonetheless!

 I got two different kinds of false lashes. The ones that come with the glue (regular ones) and the self-adhesive lashes!

Revlon False Lashes - Regular:

Blue Shadow

Black Brown


The regular false lashes were genius! When I put them on right, I couldn't feel them at all! Plus the glue would hold for lots of hours without a problem!
I wore them a couple of times and I must say, they ARE really natural looking (I am talking about my favorite ones; Black-Brown which is made for Blondies).
 I loved wearing them, and I wish I had the patience to wear them a couple of times per week.
They are not hard to put on. To me it takes just max 5 minutes more - but when I am in a hurry, then I really am in a hurry which is most of the time.
They weren't all that problematic to put on. I just put some glue on the lashes, waited 30 seconds and put them on. I first pressed on my lashes the MIDDLE part of the falsies. This way I wouldn't have so many problems with putting on the two side corners of the false lashes.

I loved the fact that I put them on, and could go EVERYWHERE without waiting. I mean, I always had this problem with falsies that I had to wait because I wasn't sure it they would feel heavy on my eyes and poke them. Luckily this is where quality 'walks in'. Revlon has some GREAT QUALITY falsies!

+ Really natural looking / + there are some bold designs
+ Comfortable
+ Good quality
+ Lightweight on my eyes
+ The included glue is OK
+Good for newbies too!

- It takes some time to put them on
-Not available everywhere (like here - we don't have them in stores)

Rating: 5/5 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Repurchase? YES

Revlon Self Adhesive Technology :


These were problematic. I mean the quality is the same - great. But the way you apply it.  Damn that's some hardcore stuff!
In the package, you get false lashes and an applicator.
I mean it is not a real applicator, it is a thing with which you press the falsies onto the glue after you used them and cleaned them.

Okay, so far it sounds good. But man,...  The package is designed in a way that it is kind of really hard getting false lashes out of the box with tweezers. I mean I almost ripped off mine!

And then the glue...  It doesn't want to stick no matter what. I tried, a friend tried and,... NOTHING! 
I know that I am clumsy, and when I am in a hurry I don't want to be trying to stick the false lashes with a new patent. 

Honestly, these weren't for me. I took the glue off on the other pair and stored it, so I could use them without. Because the lashes are great, but the application just plain sucks.

You can see on the pictures that the falsies didn't want to stick! 

+Great quality
+The idea of falsies good to go

 - It is hard to take the fake lashes out of the box
-The glue doesn't stick well
- If you miss, it the glue becomes useless
-Not the easiest thing to work with
-Not for newbies (as I am)

Rating: 1/5 ♥
Repurchase: NO

Even if I loved the classical Revlon False Lashes, I really disliked the false lashes 'on the go'. I couldn't work with them no matter what. The glue wouldn't stick and the lashes would fall off. Countless times. 
The classic lashes (with glue included) were great on the other hand. Easy to work with, even for a newbie as I am and long lasting. After cleaned they were as good as new! Even if I won't be repurchasing the Self Adhesive False lashes, I will be getting a couple of pairs of regular false lashes from Revlon. They totally got me with those! 
I know that I am not a false lashes person, but sometimes there is an occasion when I want to look extra polished, and that is the right occasion for me to wear them!

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