EOTD: After 12 hours

In the morning, before I went to work I decided to play with the kleancolor palette some more. This time I used a wet brush to apply them!

Here is what the MU looks after 12 hours (5 work, 2 nap etc)...

Pretty good no? Usually the make up goes into my creases after 5 hours, but it seems I have found my new HG (UDPP).


Excuse the mascara smudging, I just woke up from my nap and I didn't realize that it smudged. And excuse the wet spot or w/e it is.

I used:
*Urban Decay Primer Potion
*Kleancolor palette in Rainbow
* Essence liquid eyeliner
* Estee Lauder Double wear mascara + a hint of Essence Carbon Black mascara

The colors I used from the kleancolor palette:

And thank you to all the new followers and the 'old' ones still following me! <3


  1. Uf tale primer si morem tudi jaz nabavit! :) Kje si ga kupla? Link link :)

  2. nusa ann: HVALAA ! ;D

    Parisky: ebay za 25 dolarjev, drago... Ti posljem link na email, ker sem preko telefona.

  3. Čudovit uč! Sploh na prvi sliki. =)

  4. This is great! Sometimes it's unbelievable that something cheap can be so good. :-)


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