Review: EOS Adult Green

I got these lenses a while ago, but I disliked them a lot, so today is the first time I actually wore them for an hour!

The promotion pictures lie so much, but so much...

This picture is not mine, it belongs to EOS.

On it, the lenses look GREEN, don't they? But honestly when I got them, they were everything else but green.

I like the vials they come in, with a rainbow.. wii!

The lens itself

It looks light blue with purple.
I thought 'Well okay, it may look different on my eyes'...


Right?! Right, it looks light blue and the first time I put the lenses in, it freaked me out. I looked like a vampire or something, like a monster!


Oh excuse me, I was wearing no makeup, I only put it on for the face pictures lol.

Inside light

The fact that they do not blend, bothers me a lot.


The scariest s**t ever, I think I'll use them for Halloween only! :(

And the full face picture
 From the distance, they don't look all that bad, but as soon as you get closer... well you get the idea.

Comfort:  8/10
I only wore them for an hour, but they were pretty fine. I could feel on the lens (my right eye) when I looked left or right, but other than that they were fine. Not really drying.
I never had any comfort problems with lenses, except maybe the Angels.

Enlargement: 7/10

Not really enlarging, but on my eyes, they look BIG!

Colour/Design: 1/10
They were supposed to be green, but they look light blue. They don't blend at all with my green lenses and freak me off. I do not like them. The pattern is pretty tho. 

I got mine from De Moi, Pour Vous and she was a really nice seller. I got them with the BOGO sale!
The price of the lenses was 25$/2 pairs which were the most amazing price ever! I highly suggest this seller, but not these lenses.


  1. Well, here's the problem! The advertisement is in Japanese but it's actually a korean product. They could be an imitation of the real product. Also, they are probably designed for only brown to black eyes. ;)

  2. Chad, most lenses are made in Korea ;). So it is okay, I am aware of that.
    And yes, they are designed for dark eyes BUT, they should show up green since other lenses do too.
    But these show up blue on dark lenses too, so they just plain suck!

  3. I didn't know that most were made in Korea... that makes me uneasy and glad I don't use them. lol

    Maybe it's a translation problem! lol
    In japan, they say the light turns "blue" instead of "green" even though the light is green. Maybe they mean the lenses are supposed to be blue! lol

  4. Oh what the f*ck. I need to learn Japanese, there is no doubt.

    F*ck EOS for not saying what the AD says! LOL.

    Well most lenses are made in Korea, but some companies make them in Japan and Korea (two different markets). So well, I don't know.

    I feel freaky wearing them and I don't like them. My fav ones were the Neo Glamour Green ;).


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