First haul of the year - LUSH haul!

As you may know, I have been really into Lush lately. Tho I got a really bad experience with one of their deodorants.. oh well.

I decided to try out some soaps because now I am in a soap period. It is weird, but in two weeks I got myself about 6 soaps. Not only Lush, of course ;).

I got the following:
* Sultana of Soap
*Angel's Delight
*Ice Blue (this is for my dear!)
*Honey I washed the kids (this was for a friend, but I might get myself one because it smelled like caramel)
*The Joy of Jelly (ok not a soap but a shower jelly)

I took the following pictures for the reviews of the items, but I might as well show you how they look like ^^.
Sorry for the border, but it was too cute to resist it!  I know it might be a bit too much of 'cute'. =P

So far I like the soaps and jelly, tho I still haven't tried the Angel's Delight. I wanted to get the Karma soap too, but they didn't have it and in our 2nd store in Slovenia (one is in Maribor and the other in Ljubljana) couldn't sell it to me, because of some stuff going on in the central Lush (they got the instructions not to sell the Karma soap) and because when they wanted to type in the code of the soap, nothing came up. Oh well :/ I guess I'll have to wait until February of getting myself that small set for 12€...  hmmph.

I like Lush items, but their policy that doesn't let customers return anything (like the deodorant that gave me an allergic reaction, and I'm hardly allergic to anything at all!), or the thing that they don't give any samples and don't sell anything under 100g (soaps etc), so even if you'd like to purchase a sample size, you just can't!
I know 4€ for 100g may be nothing, but what if you hate the smell and what if it really dries out your skin? You throw it away and the money you spent on it is wasted.

I think they should change something about it...

How is Lush at your country? Any nicer?

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