Yesterday... well was my bday. I don't want to make a big deal out of it, but I had lots of fun! :D It was nothing all THAT special, since I didn't have a party or anything but still,...

I got my present from my dear a day before, because he couldn't wait (lol). It was two nail polishes from Jessica, one from the matte collection and one from their regular line. But then we must count another Jessica nail polish and a cute piggy calendar. 
Hehe, sometimes he's so funny. I mean he didn't like colors on my nails, but after one year he gave up and started buying me nail polishes, lol.

I had a really simple manicure. French manicure + holo glitter .

My Outfit of the Day

I had the idea that we should go on the snow (about hmmm... 30 km in one way? I don't know). So I changed my outfit and off we went. But the thing is... (we went on Vremščica) that the snow was frozen. The road was super dangerous, and even having a 4x4 and winter tires it didn't make the road any less dangerous. After a car got stuck in front of us and my dear went to help to put on Snow Chains, I had enough of snow and wanted to go home :P. _Plus my adventurous spirit died when our car couldn't STOP with the hand break... I mean omg...

Well after all that shi* we finally managed to get a bit further, so I took some pictures.

I didn't even bother to walk on the frozen snow, I had my snow boots, but yeah.. not really safe.

Can you see now?

What about now?

It was gorgeous, but... no thanks.
So we went back and since it was kinda in our way I went to Trieste to Sephora.
Sadly it's a small kind of store, so they don't carry brands as Urban Decay..

But I managed to get myself a Stippling brush #44, since I really wanted one for a long long time! A Sephora brush cleanser (it works OK) and a Say Yes To Carrots lip balm.

I don't really like the lip balm, it isn't really moisturizing :/. But the brush it's great! Because of it I use just a tiny amount of foundation and it covers my face evenly (you have to stipple it on the face!), giving me the most natural effect ever. But on the opposite I never liked my regular foundation brush from Isadora. It's just too much of a hassle to use :/.

Well then we finally managed to get home, and after a couple of hours we went out with a friend of his.
I ate the most delicious mushroom soup ever! :)
We got home quite late, but it would have been even a later hour, but sadly only about two pubs worked after midnight. And even those had too loud music :/.

That was pretty much it for yesterday...  The best part was falling asleep with my dear.

I hope your day was great too!
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