Photography: Rina

I know, it's totally not related to makeup... Okay, maybe a bit - I did her MU.

The photos are a month or so old, but it was fun taking them!


I am really lazy when it comes to taking pictures ._.
Soooo.... maybe one day I'll show you a run up of all the girls I took pictures of.

Hopefully this weekend I'll write a review or two, and make a MU look!

Have fun!



  1. WOW !!
    u did her makeup??it looks like magazine ads!hehe
    and the pict is just gorgeous !

  2. in last pic, is her hair in motion or is it hair sprayed in place

  3. Vanilla: Thank you!

    Sugar Bunnie: It's hair motion :).

  4. wow, the hair! like a porcupine =)

  5. The last picture is superb!!!


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