EOTD Last night of the year and some updates.

Today it was quite an interesting day for me. Quite stressful but still interesting.
Yesterday I dyed my hair black to blond, so now it's a darker shade of blond that I had, but still it's blond! =)  The orange color faded anyway, and now I know that I won't touch such weird shades anymore.

I got a gift from a company that works with ours, and guess what it is? Something I was wondering if I should buy, since I heard so many great reviews. But I didn't and instead I got two other similar but not quite the same items.  I got a Panasonic heated eyelash curler. So nice!

And today in the mail I got some cotton pads for makeup/nail polish remover because I was curious about the square-shaped cotton pads. We have them circle shaped. They are thinner, but both, still need to test them out.

I hope that on the NY's eve I'll be eating sushi and having fun. I love love love sushi!

Okay, let's move on to the MU. I wanted to play with some colors, but I ended with using silver eyeshadow.

I used:
Lime Crime Mirror Mirror
S-he Black eyeshadow from the trio of pink,light pink and black
Some glitter in the outer corners of my eyes
Mascara (Apple Black)
Panasonic heated eyelash curler
NEO Glamour Green circle lenses (I love love love them!)

You can see how messy my eyebrows are, even if they ARE trimmed. They are a nightmare for me :(

And since I didn't post any FOTDs for ages, I decided to goof around with a couple of items I got last week and today. But I'll post just three pictures, because.. I don't want to make you sick.


These are the square cotton pads, they come in a cute box which contains 50 of them!


Schwarzkopf OSiS Dust It - Mattifying Powder. I was expecting this to be bigger, like triple the size it is! That is terrible how small it is! But the stuff in it looks exactly like little snowflakes (if you try not to look for details), except it gets a bit sticky. Snow doesn't do that.

I also need to do something about my hair. I don't know how to style it anymore. It sucks because I go around with the same hairstyle every damn day!

I hope I didn't bore you and thank you for reading!



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