For all of you out there that are curious about my country, here's a little something for you...
Although Slovenia is a small country, there is an exceptionally wide variety of habitats. In the north of Slovenia are the Alps (namely, Julian Alps, Karavanke, Kamnik Alps), and in the south stand the Dinaric Alps. There is also a small area of the Pannonian plain and a Littoral Region. Much of southwestern Slovenia is characterised by Classical Karst, a very rich, often unexplored underground habitat containing diverse flora and fauna.

 About 54% of the country is covered by forests.[3] The forests are an important natural resource, but logging is kept to a minimum, as Slovenians also value their forests for the preservation of natural diversity, for enriching the soil and cleansing the water and air, for the social and economic benefits of recreation and tourism, and for the natural beauty they give to the Slovenian landscape.....

You can read more here. All the images and part of the article is taken from Wikipedia.

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  1. thanks for sharing with us.i am enjoying this post :)

  2. Slovenia is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

  3. Classicar Karst? nee :D drugače pa lepe slikice :)

  4. Thank you so much. I read several blogs from Slovenia. I wondered about your country. Thanks again for the information. Look to be a beautiful country. All those mountains and forests, it must be lovely.


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