Cream blush tutorial

I was asked how do I apply my cream blush.
So I decided to make a small tutorial...

It's my first one, so bare with me..

1. Start with  skin with foundation. Or if you don't use one, just bare skin.

2. Take your cream blush.

3. TAP it on your skin, in the shape above, do it while you are smiling, so you see the cheek bone better.

4. SMUDGE gently in a circular motion. This way you won't lose any foundation and you'll get the perfect blush apply.

5. (optional) if you applied too much blush, tap some powder into the blushed area.

Now you're done.


  1. My lovely, thank you so much, its really sweet of you!
    im buying some eyeko fat balms so i cant wait to try this out

  2. Ahh! This is perfect for me! I don't own any cream blushes. . . yet but it'll be great for when I do. I'm so scared of messing up since I have very limited time in the morning to do my makeup!

  3. Oh, I was thinking about getting some of these Eyeko sticks for me. They really work as a blush? :D Cute!

    I'm now following you ^^ I'm the other girl who won Mylanqolia's giveaway :)

    I've been checking your blog's archive yesterday and well, I loved what I saw :D

    Hugs from Lisbon

  4. that was very informative! thanks gurl!


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