7 Choices Tag

Hello everyone! It's been almost a week - yes a week! But now I'm back with the most interesting tag ever! I was tagged by Macodvisnica with the GREEN color! At first I thought that I don't have any green items, except for loads of eye shadows in green, thehehe.. But then I realized that I DO have some green items! But I had to stick with 7 of them. Here they are: 1. D&G pouch. In it there was my D&G watch when I bought it - and in a box ofc. Now I use it for watches, but some time ago I had all of my earrings in it.. yeah imagine the mess! 2. Hawaiian Tropic Aloe Vera Gel. I bought it after we ran out of our 100% aloe vera gel. It's really help full on mosquito bites. 3. Taft hair spray. I use it when I tease my hair. It smells terrible. I mean nothing special, but the smell doesn't go away. At all. Only a shower fixes that! But I have to admit, it's pretty strong! 4. Garnier Essentials Toner. I love this stuff, this is my 3rd bottle, and I'm running out again.. 5. Lime Crime eyeshadow in Lime Criminal. One of the many LC greens I own. I once hated green color, but then this obsession got me and I had to have ALL of the greens that LC had. 6. Green bracelet. No idea why I bought it, I wore it maybe once.. 7. Sweetscents Green Tea Rejuvenation. It hates my pimples, so I love it! Here we gave it a nickname *Lurči*. Okay now I tag: Parisky from xoxoParisky Tali from The Gloss Goss Eki from Ekimura Krystia from House of Krystia My color of choice is... BLACK!
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