Mail For Me: Prizes from Tali!

Okay, it was for my sister and me! :) We both managed to get into top 5 extra choices. Which is pretty cool ^^. And I shouldn't tell you this, but we were both expecting the package anxiously. And today it finally came! It was quite a long wait... I mean we're both from Europe. So the customs have nothing to touch there! :) I am sorry for the really crappy pictures, I was taking them with my cell phone, while we were opening everything... Too excited to use a digital cam. The package: It looked as if someone had been not so nice with it.. poor lil thing.... Opened: We teared it apart... literally! Prize galore: *Body Shop soaps *Vaseline lip balm *Garnier anti acne thing (I think, didn't read correctly) *Illimasqua nail polish x2 *Illimasqua pencil *MAC blush *Illimasqua cream blush *mineral pigments samples *Solid organic perfume x2 WE LOVE EVERYTHING! Thank you SO MUCH Tali! There wasn't a note to tell who's got what, so we picked stuff as we liked it. What I got? Here's what I got: I am really happy! This is my first MAC item! And it is nice and sparkly. What more could a girl wish for? ;) The soap smells gorgeously.... Superb, to be honest! I will give it to my dear, because I want him to smell like it... yummm! I also looove the Vaseline lip balm! It smells nicely, and it will replace my strawberry lip balm after I run out of it (which will happen pretty soon). I actually like EVERYTHING without any exception! Thank you! P.S. Girls I've been wondering. What would you like to read more on my blog? I will post a poll in a minute, so if you'd like to vote.... *hugs* xoxo
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