EOTD: Purpled Bronze

Hello everyone!


Today I played around with some make up. I decided it was time to use the Illamasqua highlighter as an eyeshadow and add some purple. I had no idea if it would look nice, but I decided to give it a go. It came out pretty interesting, but slacking a golden cream eyeshadow over it, wasn't a good idea! The bad thing (or good) is that with this little thing as a base, you have to work quickly. Because when it dries out.. well it doesn't budge. Why? Well I wanted to create this look and then blend everything to make it more wearable (after taking the photos) but 5 minutes later it didn't want to blend. Nope. It just wanted to go off or stay there. So I suppose it would stay on the eye/face for a whole night and more!

I've used:
  1. CS eyelid primer
  1. Illamasqua highlighter in Glimmer as a base eyeshadow
  1. Nivea golden cream eyeshadow (a bit in the center of the eye -bad idea.. it didn't want to stick!)
  1. CS purple eyeshadow Island Orchid (I got a sample in a bag)
  1. Essence liquid eyeliner
  1. L'oreal Collagen Mascara
  1. Deborah mini mascara on lower lashes

So, how do you like it? 

Edit: I've been asked to write what brushed I use. Hahaa, it's hard to admit but I don't have any brand brushes except for Isadora (foundation brush, 2x crease brush, eyeliner brush ), then I have 3 same blush brushes by Essence (they were in 50's fever collection and are of great quality) and CS (pink kabuki),all the other brushes are from Muller (they are really cheap, work perfectly and the hair doesn't fall out!). I would actually love to have some pro brushes, but untill MAC gets here it'll be hard :). I'm still planning to visit Sephora in Italy, so maybe I'll get some thin brushes over there too! 

  xoxo, Tamara
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