Contest Entry: Flower Power!

Ahoy! Today I wanted to do some MU, but smart as I am I did it only at night (10pm) so I had to use the flash to take pictures. And flash is such an unflattering thing when it comes to make up + skin. It makes my skin look shiny, the make up ... dead XD! Anyway Denise from Labels and Love is having a Flower Power contest, and here is my entry! My inspiration picture: I actually found this flower in the garden and I admired it for it's fuchsia color and purple combination, that actually looks really good! The flower is still not yet fully blossomed, so it looks like a bell :)! But still it's very cute! I'm sorry for the colors, I couldn't make them to look normal! D: I think this is one reason why people usually don't take their MU pictures at night, ahem! Serious look!: Hmm, what next?!: Close Up: (I was sitting on the bed, that's why the weird angle) Close up 2: Poser: Things I used: *parts of the real flower *Lime Crime Mermaid, Shoe Addict, Pompadur, Siren and Medusa (I mixed them!) *Labello Sun (it gave me paler lips) *Revlon Color Stay *Manhattan face primer *CS contour and blush palette *SS eye primer *Essence glittering eyeliner (used it in the inner parts of my eyes) BAH! I hate it when the make up in RL looks so much better and on the pictures is like CRAP! D:!!!
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