NOTD: blue with a tone

Today I wanted to do my nails before I cut them. Why? Well they're kind of peeling off, cracking in some parts because they are too hard and so on. I think I can blame formaldehid in the Essie Fill The Gap nail polish. Oh well. Here is one picture, just for you to enjoy! I honestly don't have this color alone. I had to mix THREE colors to get it. A dark blue, light blue and a white color. After this picture, I took the nail polish off and put on another mixture (red coral and white) and added flowers. But my nails are now really short and remind me of buttons, so funny. Hopefully I'll manage to do some make up looks (I know I keep saying it), because on Friday I'll have my day off! YAY!


  1. Nice! I like the swirly design you added, so cute :)

  2. Kaj se ne napise three? :p ne da se mi prijavit.

  3. hehe, love the "konad"

  4. Yes I think so as well! I've learnt a lot about make up from her tutorials!^^
    I'm really curious about her skincare linw IQQU.

    I actually live in Germany!^^
    Essence is really cheap here!;)

  5. I think that this is such a pretty color!


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