Mixed Haul

Hello everyone! Today it was super hot! And because of that I wanted to prove myself, that I can put my make up (complete!) even if I'm melting.. Well I did it, but then I had to turn on my 'portable' air conditioner.. Uf, man it was too hot! I went with my dear to Nova Gorica, where we went to Qlandia. I love love shopping! But I said I only need a pair of summer strap shoes and a hair band. But I ended with these:
They're not all from the same store... So I got:
  • *A magazine about hair (I think I'm starting to develop some obsession here) -3€
  • *Labello SPF 25 - 3€+
  • *Lactacyd Femina 3€+
  • *Luna hand soap (I honestly love this brand!) - maybe 2€
  • *Raid Anti-mosquito thing - no idea
  • *Autan anti-mosquito Gel - no idea
  • *Autan anti-mosquito Spray (I hate hate mosquitoes!) - no idea
  • *Jewelery box - 7€
  • *Quite big fake leather hair bow (it's so cute, I had to wear it right away!) - 3,50€
  • *Three hair straps (dark blue) - 3,90€
  • *Strap shoe - 6€
  • *Strap shoe with some metal parts - 13€
I love love those strap shoes. All these items were a courtesy of my dearest.. Thank you Hanny! *hug* I got the cheapest strap shoes ever, simply because I get bored of them in these three months that summer lasts, so I don't feel guilty throwing them away. But the second pair of strap shoes is just.. amazing! I mean they don't look anything like special when they're not worn, but when they are... they are special! I was so excited over them that I had to try them right away.
I think that here my foot is too much in the front because in rl they look so much prettier. But still, you get the idea. ;) It was super fun (shopping, eating, visiting my parents) but before I got home my nail polish chipped! And after that I could get off the nail polish like if it were a sticker! EW! This is the third time that it happened on that nail, buhu... Well have fun ladies (and gentlemen), xoxo
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