I'm back

Yay, I'm back. To be honest, it was quite boring, and I'd prefer staying home. Well hell. Anyhow, I'm back without any makeup/cosmetics hauls, but with a pair of weird moccasins. I know, they're damn ugly but once you've tried them. it's like walking on a could.. or grass, or anything comfortable. Really cool! I wanted them for a looping time, I really have no idea why. I mean I find them to be hideous, ... I only have this picture from the shop (was sending picture messages to my sis so she could tell me if they're at least decent since my dear boyfriend wasn't helping full at all!).

I think they'll be perfect for summer nights. For a comfy look. Since I have way too many fancy shoes for partying. Again they were really cheap since I wanted something cheap to try them first. Plus I'm running low on money ._. Later I'll post some kind of a review of my usage of champagne as face tonic and olive oil as cleaning oil. For now, this is it since I'm still in a quite bad mood.
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