I love aspirin mask!

Really! Today I still had some stuff left from my skin break out... so I decided to redo the aspirin mask! The results were here right after I washed my face. No more red spots from pimples, etc. But I wouldn't do this mask more than once a week. Because you don't want to dry out your skin, don't you? Especially if you have some acne problems.. no no.. This time instead of three pills I've used just one, because I'd figured out that I'd go for the lighter version. So I used:
  • 1 aspirin pill (uncoated)
  • little bit of water
  • two tea spoons of honey
Of course now I have still left overs of the mask. It'll be for the next time! 
  Here's a picture in all it's greatness!

  know, it looks grose! Plus that's a tiny plate not an egg... So far I love this mask. It's the only mask that I have that gives you the benefits right after you've used it and not in a month+ of usage.. It makes my skin smooth and the irritations are all gone. Really lovely I must say. So, did anyone else try this mask? It's not recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, people who are allergic to salicylic acid. You can read more about it here.


  1. Hooj! Jagodka tukaj. :)
    Jaz sem si ravnokar naredila tole masko. Bom poročala o učinkih, ker trenutno ravno čakam da mine 10 minut in si jo bom lahko sprala z obraza. Ustvarjat tole masko je zelo zanimivo, občutek na koži je super, ker malce žgečka, ker se ponekod aspirin še malce topi. Diši fuuul lepo...po medu, sem jo skoraj pojedla. Pa hvala za idejo. ;)

  2. Joj ne jest te maske :)). Pa vem, ja.. se je kar tezko upreti takemu vonju, tudi meni je 'slucajno zasla v usta' in me je takoj minilo.. fuuuj aspirin!

    Kako je slo? ;)

  3. Zanimivo. :) Res je, da je koža po uporabi fuul mehka. Mi je bilo zelooo všeč. Ni videti kakšnih negativnih posledic, v smislu mozoljev, ki se meni vedno delajo. Po moje jo bom še kdaj uporabila. :))


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