Do It Yourself: Olive scrub

Hello everyone! No, I did not forget about you at all! I came home from swimming and I was destroyed. That's what the sea does to me :). Since I didn't want to let you down or anything, plus I wanted to try this recipe for a while.. Well here's what I have for you today! Olive scrub! I used it on my hands, but it works for the body, lips (be gentle!) and even your face! The recipe: *1 spoon of sugar *a bit of olive oil, so you can make some kind of pasta (you can change sugar for salt too - tho that's a more hars scrub so don't use it more than twice in a month!) Then massage it into the hands/face/body wait a while (lets say max 5 minutes, tho you can have it on for a little longer or less too - I had it on for about two minutes) and then wash it off! You'll be left with super smooth skin (if it's a bit oily, just wipe it off, the olive oil isn't supposed to clog your pores! It made my hands really smooth, tho I think I rubbed the sugar too hard so they hurt a little, hehe.. But I love how it 'feed' my cuticles! There's a big plus to this little recipe! It's natural, it doesn't have any added fragrances (I guess you can add some eteric oil, for the scent. Enjoy your new body/hands/face/feet/lips scrub! ^^ xoxo
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