Essence Haul Again

I know I said that my budget was limited last time, so today I went for some more... But I think this will pretty much be it for this month. Simply because I don't think I need anything more for this month, hm do I? Anyhow my today's haul includes:
  • Lip gloss (01 Pure Chic)
  • Kajal pencil (04 White),
  • Toe Separator,
  • Nail Care Bag,
  • Purifying Nose Stripes,
  • Show Your Feet -02 Deep Blue Sea,
  • Multi dimension with XXXL shine - 44 Object of Desire
  • Muller lip brush
Photobucket I am really sorry for the bad pictures, but it's really cloudy and windy.. The objects won't stand still and I still don't own a white lamp. I'll start with my fav one: Photobucket This is a super cute mini polish bag. I think you can put in it about five nail polishes, that's super great for traveling! It's in a nice shade of pink and white. Really minimalistic but cute. Still it's price is cheap even for Essence 1,95€ for this super cute bag. I think I'll put in the toe separator and a couple of nail polishes. The next fav things are - nail polishes of course! Photobucket I went back to get this dark blue beauty and this coral color. I'm really not sure about coral colors but after I saw a couple of pictures of it, I had to had it! The other one is Deep Blue Sea from the Show Your Feet collection. I don't own lots of blueish colors, I mostly own reds and pinks, so this one will be a nice add to my collection. For some time I was using the nose stripes from Nivea, I think? Or another brand that I can't remember. They were about 5€ and you got like four nose stripes and six T zone stripes. But yesterday I saw on the net (I was checking essence's homepage) these nose stripes. I wanted to try them out, because most of the time this drugstore I go to doesn't have them, bleh! Anyhow this little 'pack' is like 1,89€ and inside you can find three nose stripes. Wtf? I had to open it up, because I couldn't believe! Photobucket Plus they smell pretty bad. So I'm not sure about this stuff. I got this clear lip gloss because I was thinking about mixing it up with some mineral make up. Last time it came out pretty nicely! Photobucket I couldn't seem to find the regular Essence lip glosses. The smaller one, withouth the XXXL shine. Hmm, weird. The lip gloss smells nicely, like almost every other Essence XXXL lip gloss does. It also isn't sticky at all and it's really creamy. It moisturized my lips! WOAH! Plus it gives your lips a nice glassy shine. I might keep it as it is, this stuff is great! Photobucket Some time ago I got this nice Manhattan white pencil. But I didn't get the chance to even try it out, because the same day my sister stole it from me and even lost it! GRRR. So I got a cheaper one this time. We'll see how it will work. I'm going to use it for the waterline, to 'fresh up' my look, especially when I'll be all sleepy and tired. The last addition to my make up collection (in this case brush collection - which is pretty small tbh) is a nice lip brush. I really like it because you can put a bit of lipstick on it, close it and go to party. So you don't have to take your lipstick with you all the time (and probably lose it). I learned this helpful trick from Petrilude's Channel. Okay that's pretty much it for today. Have fun!
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