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Eucerin Sun Pigment Control SPF 50+

Eucerin Sun Pigment Control SPF 50+

Summer came in very quick 3 days and got me unexpectedly. Luckily I'm a year-long sunscreen user so there's nothing new in that depart.
Except that when Summer comes I switch a Korean formulation for a European one. Mostly because of last year's Purito fiasco and because I noticed some small melasma under my eyes. :o

This year I'm using the Eucerin face sunscreen that comes with the SPF 50. 

Simple Skincare Rutine For Soft Skin

Bielenda Exotic Paradise Pitaya body scrub

With the bikini season approaching, I start to feel the urge to get my skin back into looking soft and smooth. At least for the parts, I feel that should be smooth - soft is nice everywhere.

And well, sometimes using just a body lotion isn't enough. That's when it's time to use a body scrub.

I have used several body scrubs and most of them were really nice. But last time when I was browsing the section on body scrubs, this pink version caught my eye. It's the Bielenda

My TOP 3 Eyebrow products

Delia Cameleo Eyebrow Tint

I know that having perfect brows is all the rage now, well not just now, all the time!
That's why I wanted to share with you my TOP 3 eyebrow products. 

My favourites have changed with different eyebrow styles, but one thing remains certain - my wish to have perfect brows

Catrice Ultimate Stay Waterfresh Lip Tint

Catrice Ultimate Stay Waterfresh Lip Tint

With the upcoming Spring and the slow lift of mask use,  I find myself reaching for colourful lipsticks.
With masks, it really had no sense as nobody would see it and well, we also had to wear them outside for some time.
And usually, lipsticks wouldn't survive wearing a mask for even a short time, so it really didn't make any sense to use them.

Luckily some companies heard us and created a mask-resistant lipstick.  
I gone one of such lipsticks by Catrice. Let's see how it worked for me.

Review: Satisfyer Endless Fun

Satisfyer Endless Fun

It's been a while since I talked about sexual wellbeing on this blog. And it's been even a longer time since I talked about adult toys.

I remember it being a couple of months ago when I thought "I really want to write a fun toy review, I really want to talk about that". 
So when Notino started carrying adult toys, I felt that this was the time for me to make this wish come true.

I remember when a year or so ago a cosmetic store came with a "wellbeing" part of their store where they started selling intimate toys. I found it interesting but after a while, it just made sense to me.

I mean, as we learn to take care of our bodies and minds, we also need to learn how to take care of our other types of needs. Needs that are part of our overall health and wellbeing. One of them is sexual wellness.

That's why I salute the new category on the Notino site. If you're curious you can find it under Body/Sexual wellness (or "erotika" for our Slovenian readers).
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