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Mascara for sensitive eyes

Essence Mascara for sensitive eyes

With allergy season in full bloom, it was time for me to find a mascara that wouldn't irritate my eyes
I was looking for something that I could wear while using contact lenses. And for a mascara that wouldn't burn when it would inevitably run.

Of course, the mascara I was looking for had to be inexpensive, because I never got used to paying a lot of money for a mascara. Mainly because there are so many amazing ones that cost almost nothing.

I came across Essence Sensitive But WOW Volume mascara and decided to give it a go.

Vitamin C in Cosmetics

Vitamin C in Cosmeticsa

Today I want to focus on my favourite ingredient in the cosmetics I use. That's Vitamin C. I know, you may associate it with lemons and oranges and all the health benefits. But that's not the only beneficial thing about it. 
I like adding vitamin C to my water when I'm feeling under the weather. It helps a lot!

But now let us see what it is used for in cosmetics. 

Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit

Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit

With the wedding season in full bloom, it's time to talk about a little spicy gift idea for the bride to be - The Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit. And as I am a bride to be, I think I may be the perfect candidate to review this toy. :)

I picked it up for a review because I always wanted to try a rabbit fun toy. I mean they seemed like double fun, so I kind of hoped they would be double the fun.

Eucerin Sun Pigment Control SPF 50+

Eucerin Sun Pigment Control SPF 50+

Summer came in very quick 3 days and got me unexpectedly. Luckily I'm a year-long sunscreen user so there's nothing new in that depart.
Except that when Summer comes I switch a Korean formulation for a European one. Mostly because of last year's Purito fiasco and because I noticed some small melasma under my eyes. :o

This year I'm using the Eucerin face sunscreen that comes with the SPF 50. 

Simple Skincare Rutine For Soft Skin

Bielenda Exotic Paradise Pitaya body scrub

With the bikini season approaching, I start to feel the urge to get my skin back into looking soft and smooth. At least for the parts, I feel that should be smooth - soft is nice everywhere.

And well, sometimes using just a body lotion isn't enough. That's when it's time to use a body scrub.

I have used several body scrubs and most of them were really nice. But last time when I was browsing the section on body scrubs, this pink version caught my eye. It's the Bielenda
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