Minty by Avon

Find your perfect nail color! Choose from over 20 colors and 4 finishes including Shimmer, Sequins, Crème, and Sheer. Nailwear Pro+ is the long-lasting nail enamel giving you 12 Days of Color! Comes in a .4 FL. oz. bottle. Give yourself the perfect at home mani with this salon-style nail polish. Choose from Midnight Plum, Sea Breeze, Golden Vision and even more Nail colors!

• Long lasting 12 days of color! 
• Great color selection and easy to apply 
• Increase nail strength by 80%
• High Shine Finish resists dings, bangs, and nicks
• No formaldehyde, toluene or phthalates

MINTY by Avon

This nail polish is the perfect Summer color. For me it was love at first sight and later when it stayed on for a week, I liked it even more. 

I needed two layers to get full opacity. The drying time is somewhere in between quick and normal (thus about 7 min per coat). Once it's dry, you can do whatever you want and it won't budge.

It's a nice nail polish that I will keep in mind once I'll be back to doing more complex nail art - also Depend's Your Truly Gelack is the exact same color, but with tiny sparkles in it. Also less opaque, but longer staying sine it's a gel polish.

Are you also a big fan of Minty colors?


  1. Daaaaaa minti je zakon:), čeprav sem js res zj kar se nohtov tiče, samo še na nekih nude, kožnih, pastelnih, rozkastih nohtih:)

  2. Mint je pa res lep. Meni so všeč vse pastelne barve :) Super objava.



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