Winter Holidays Makeup

Back when it was cold, I created an easy and simple looking makeup. I think I was inspired by pink roses which of course weren't available. I was freezing cold while I was taking these pictures, but you know - everything for a great picture ;).

And since then I was looking at the folder on my desktop ignoring it... until it hit me. Why wouldn't I post this makeup? Why?

I had no answer. So here it is ;).

I used (if I remember correctly):
Zoeva En Taupe palette (two or three colors blended)
Random mascara, it was probably Lancome Hypnose 

See, pretty basic, right? 
But I like the effect nevertheless. 

And of course, a makeup needs some selfies, right? 
I look so much younger on these pictures, it's crazy what a hairdo does and some less weight :o. Also cold! 

Would you wear it?


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