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Today I want to talk about a different topic, a topic not everyone is the most interested in, but it is also a topic that every little girl (or boy) dreamed about at least once. 

We all know that since we are little, we dream of having a big wedding with a beautiful wedding grown. A dress so beautiful all our friends would be envious and everyone would lose their breath to its beauty. 

I remember dreaming about having this huge puffy dress (thanks to Disney princesses!), that would have crystals all over the grown. Not unlike a dress I found at Millybridal, whom happen to have so many dresses to choose from. I really like how they are all unique and beautiful in their own way.

And no longer you have to make a huge dent in your wallet for a wedding dress. No, you can get them cheaper than ever (and still as good as before) for the same wow factor. 

I am (still) not married, but in the years before, I dreamed about my wedding day. Mostly about the location of the wedding (probably near some woods, on a cliff next, which is close to a beach, haha) and the dress. 

My taste for wedding dresses changed with years. I went from this huge wedding dress (all in white) to a more Greek Goddess look, which I think was a thing back in 2010?

Now if I had to choose, I'd definitely go with something appropriate for my body shape (so something that is tight fitting wouldn't do, I'd like to move!), similar to the dress I dreamed about as a girl. But more simple, more classy. 

Ah, how tastes change.
I had a really difficult time choosing just a couple of pictures from the Wedding Dresses UK site. There are many to choose from and the price varies, too. The cheapest is for £68 to the whopping £456, for a princess like grown. 

When my wedding day comes, who knows what I'll wear. It may be a nice and huge dress (that I'd probably later re-purpose into something more event appropriate, for parties and such) or a simple and minimalistic dress. We'll see how the trends in the wedding industry go and how they'll affect my choices of wedding dress, when or if the day comes :).

Ladies, which are your favorite dresses when it comes to wedding clothes? Let me know in the comments. 


  1. Moja bi zgledala čisto preprosto, nekako takole: http://www.dicandiafashion.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/girls-white-beach-dress.jpg
    Bi jo pomoje najdla v vsaki high street trgovini :D + majhna poroka na plaži, vsi bosi, beach waves frizura :D

  2. These are so pretty! Yes, I confess to having this dream. It's okay you don't know which dress you'd pick because shopping for it is half the fun!

  3. I wore my mom's wedding dress when I got married, but it was never tailored for me, and ended up not feeling "me". I don't regret wearing it, but I'm thinking of treating myself to a 20th anniversary gown, just because I feel like I missed out on that shopping experience.


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