Empties #16


It's been a little while since I posted my latest empties post. Some have accumulated in the mean time, so I decided to share them with you.

EBELIN Nail polish remover - without Acetone (~1€)
I like this brand of nail polish removers because they are very affordable, don't stink that much and do their job well. I would repurchase it. 

LUSH Lemony Flutter (~9€)
This is a holy grail among nail polish enthusiasts. It helps with cuticles in a matter of days and it is also great for dry heel skin. It's wonderful, but the scent is not my thing. I can totally forgive the scent, because it truly is an amazing product.
Repurchase? Yes.

BALEA Oil Repair hair mask (1.6€)
I bought this mask after my hair got very damaged from the many bleaching sessions on it. At that time I didn't have a cretin mask, but this one did its job well. It helped a bit with my hair. But I prefer the stronger "professional" mask, so I won't repurchase it.

TOO FACED Shadow Insurance eye primer (~15€)
I remember the time I bought it. I just ran out of UD primer and wanted to try something new. Well I did like using it, but it didn't exceed my expectations. The shadows become a bit muted or diluted after a couple of hours of wear and sparkle doesn't look at all pretty on it. The staying power is fine, except during hot, hot summer days.
I don't think I'll be repurchasing it.

EVERYDAY MINERALS finishing powder sample (1€)
I must say that I was expecting a bigger quantity of a sample. Okay, not bigger but in a vial kind of packaging. This packaging is hard to use, so I had to put it into another pot.
It does well with fixing my makeup, but doesn't help it last longer. 
I won't repurchase it, because I am not impressed with it. 

DAS GESUNDE PLUS A-Z vitamin capsules (~5€)
I have been using these vitamins for the last half a year. I think they do help with faster healing (of skin) and they have (at least a Placebo effect) an effect on me. I do like them and I will be repurchasing them.

BALEA Cocos & Nektarine Deo Roll-ON (~2€)
I had high expectations from this deodorant, because I love their Shower gel with the same scent. Sadly it stops smelling good about 2h into wear and then starts to stink. It's irritating to say the least. 
I won't repurchase it.

These are the products I wanted to talk about today. Did you try any of the talked about products? 

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