NOTD: The New Black - Gold Grenade


Last time I wrote about the Ikona event, where I received this nail polish from The New Black.

The packaging has left me cold, because it reminds me of those H&M nail polishes. Because of that it gives me a cheap feeling. Nothing is wrong with cheap, except if you are paying quite a hefty sum for some nail polish. 

I used 3 layers, but this was to be expected after all it is a light yellow cream nail polish. 
But the drying time was long. Too long for my liking, because after 1h my nails would still get indents. :( 
I am a bit disappointed by the formula, to be honest. But the color is some damn fine yellow color! It looks fresh and it was a joy to have on nails. 

I also chipped after one single day. I cried, seriously. I will wear it another time and then I will update this post. But for now, I am not impressed

Do you own any TNB nail polishes? How do you like them?

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  1. Pa sem mislila da samo mene ni navdušil :/ mene je odbil že sam vonj tega laka, tako da ga sploh še nisem preizkusila na nohtih ker se mi upira :/ je pa tale barva kar simpatična :)


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