NOTD: Essence Chasing Lacy (Bloom me up TE)


I must admit I wasn't impressed by the look of the items from this new line when I saw it in person. The shelf didn't have any brushes, but it did contain all the other items (polishes, shadows etc.). 
I thought that this polish may look good, so it went with me.

And boy, was I right!

The application was OK, it goes on a bit thicker than perfect and it needs 2 layers for full equal opacity. The drying time is average, between 20-30 minutes. Maybe a bit more if you use thicker layers. 

Also excuse the "chunky" look, it is a gel manicure and I did it thick. 

These pictures don't do it any justice. It is more of a pastel polish but it somehow looks wild - how can a pastel polish look so bold?! I don't get it, but I like it nonetheless. 

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