Spooky MEOW nails

I know that I am pretty late with my Halloween manicure, but this is what I wore on Halloween night and 5+ days later :).

I used a couple of nail polishes, because it doesn't get this neon without a white underneath (Essie). 
And of course the black from the Essence tribal line (nail art set). 

When I did my base colors (white + neon orange) I took my clippers and shortened my nails, gave them a different (prettier!) shape. And filled down a bit. 

The cat + tail manicure is not my idea, I got it from Reddit in the Laqueristas community.

I used the Essence Glow in the dark top coat. Too quickly I suppose because it smudged my design.

Smudged, smudged! And also sheets marks D:

I used the Essence glow in the dark top coat, but it sadly didn't glow in the dark, just on my thumb. Anyone knows what I am doing wrong?!

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